A Personal Canon of the Best Superhero Movies

aka, "The Best Superhero Movies: Ranked." Let the clicks roll in, baby!


In “The Beguiled,” Sofia Coppola continues her observational work on American youth

Sofia Coppola, like John Hughes or Gus Van Zandt before her, is our foremost chronicler of American youthfulness. Plenty of other extraordinary films have captured experiences or asked questions about what youth means in American culture, but few have done so as consistently as Coppola. It began in The Virgin Suicides and continues in her… Continue reading In “The Beguiled,” Sofia Coppola continues her observational work on American youth

It’s a reheated blockbuster in “Kong: Skull Island”

The food metaphors write themselves. The blockbuster monster movie, of which Kong is one of many kings, is a scrumptious meal that’s a favorite: a reliable love, based on more than a little nostalgia. Kong: Skull Island is that same meal the next day, reheated and served. You know you had it yesterday, but either… Continue reading It’s a reheated blockbuster in “Kong: Skull Island”

In “Logan,” Carnage and Catharsis

“There are no more guns in the valley” the gunslinger tells little Joey in the 1953 classic western Shane. This moment features heavily in Logan, James Mangold’s newest and probably final film adapting the title character, known more regularly as Wolverine, less regularly as James Howlett, most iconically as Hugh Jackman. The parallels to Shane… Continue reading In “Logan,” Carnage and Catharsis