A brief appreciation for the way Adam Duritz sings “dissaray” on ‘Mercury’

There is music writing I return to because I love the writing, if not the opinions. There is the writing I return to for the opinion, if not because I was blown away by the words. Then, of course, there’s the writings that are both. One such is Steven Hyden’s piece on Nirvana and Counting… Continue reading A brief appreciation for the way Adam Duritz sings “dissaray” on ‘Mercury’


Favorite Albums of 2017

For this introduction, I tried to calculate a rough estimate of the total number of albums released in 2017. This was remarkably unsuccessful after several, might I say, creative google searches. A glance at release calendars shows an enormous amount of music, and these are mostly just from major or indie labels, barely accounting for… Continue reading Favorite Albums of 2017

A Great Movie: “Phone Booth”

I I expect a bit of an eyeroll from the reader on this one, but I thought I should swing for the fences every now and then. Phone Booth is both easily and popularly derided. It’s from infamous director Joel Schumacher, of Batman & Robin or Flatliners. Though that pithy description is a little disingenuous.… Continue reading A Great Movie: “Phone Booth”

A Great Movie: “Man From Plains”

A GREAT MOVIE is, well, just that. A chance, untethered from any specific purpose, to write a little about a movie that’s great, hopefully recommending you to check it out for the first time or again. It’s of course inspired by the legendary Roger Ebert, whose Great Movie books were a foundational asset to me.… Continue reading A Great Movie: “Man From Plains”

A time of moral cowardice 

We live in a time of great moral cowardice. Our foolish commitments to "gotta hear both sides," "but it's free speech," "need to protect history," outweigh our commitment to justice, common sense, and empathy. We grasp for platitudes of questionable intent when the clearest good is just within reach.  The bogus need to question the… Continue reading A time of moral cowardice